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Puffin Prints is a small illustration and gifts business, run by mother and daughter pair Deborah & Rachel.
Rachel hand paints and illustrates puffins and their pals using a mixed media approach of watercolour, gouache and acrylic paints, before printing our Puffin Pals illustrations onto lovely cards, canvases, mugs and more, as well as taking commissions for pretty much any illustrative application you can think of!
Pet portraits, wedding invitations, children’s book illustrations - even custom printed adhesive stickers for a yacht… You can see all of these in our portfolio.

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Meet the Puffin Pals!


All the puffin pals were hand painted in watercolour and gouache by Rachel, inspired by her youth sailing around Beaumaris Bay and Puffin Island. She draws inspiration from the stunning mountain and seascapes that surround Anglesey, where she lives with partner Farren (and ten minutes away from Mum, Deborah, of course!)

Puffin Prints Products


Our Puffin Prints products are specially printed onto carefully chosen, high quality products we are proud of. Most of the products are those which we use ourselves - especially our two tone colour mugs for a panad!
If you’d like to see more of these, or learn more about them, please visit our shop page for more information and the extended range of products we offer!



Puffin Prints cards

say it the right way!

All of our cards are printed in the UK in stunning full colour using high quality semi-gloss 350gsm board from recycled and well controlled sources. Our cards are all blank inside so that they can convey exactly what you’d like to them to, and be used for any occasion!

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Puffin Prints mugs

sip it in style!

Our two tone colour mugs are hard to miss, since the bright interior colours and full colour print speak for themselves! These would make a great addition to anyone’s kitchen collection, and are the perfect size (330ml) for a cheeky cuppa or zingy coffee pick-me-up.

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Puffin Prints Magnets

Puffin Prints Magnets

perfect to brighten up your fridge!

Our 58mm magnets are a great addition to your fridge photo album, and are a fantastic accompaniment to children’s drawings! They are printed in beautiful full colour on the front, and have a flat black magnet on the reverse.

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Puffin Prints Canvas

Puffin Prints Canvases

brighten up your life with a puffin prints canvas!

Canvases are square and printed in two different sizes: 8x8 inches or 12x12 inches. They are fully colour printed on 280gsm canvas, individually hand-stretched and come ready to hang. Canvases have 18mm frame depth and come with additional hanging fittings included.

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Puffin Prints Commissions


Rachel loves to take commissions on whenever she gets the chance, but there is no ‘set’ price list for commissions here on the website, and there is a very good reason for this! Here is a quote from an old blog post that surmises it quite well…

"I think people are generally fearful that they'll ask for a sketch of their hamster, and I'll get back to them in two days with a completed sketch and charge them £6572 for it. The reason for I don't post the prices online is that they vary so much, the price is entirely dependent on what the customer wants for their commission, and it would take me a very long time to compile a list of all the possible things I can imagine a customer might want. It varies from materials to size to traditional vs digital to whether they want the final piece framed, do they want the original or a print, the list goes on and on, and so the easiest way for me, (and easier for the customer too, navigating such a list or table would be a frightful task I imagine!) is simply to respond on a client to client basis, with no pressure for them to commit to anything until we have agreed on a price and they are happy for me to begin the work. I promise I don’t bite and am more than happy to discuss prices over email or offer you a quote with no strings or commitments required until you’re happy to get started!”

Rachel has worked on a number of different commission based pieces in the past, including pet portraits, puffin portraits, wedding invitations, website graphics, logo design, children’s book illustrations, book cover design, and many other exciting ventures! You can see a selection of these works below, or more on our portfolio page.

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